SPF50 Helichrysum Sunscreen (30ml)


It’s a lightweight tinted smooth lotion formula which provides protection and treatment in ONE. The powerful veil offers daily protection against exposure to UV and environmental pollutants. It contains Helichrysum and Sunflower Extracts to reduce loss of skin moisture and provide deep long lasting hydration. Highly anti-oxidant and and leaves an irresistible glowing skin.

A perfect make up base that gives your skin a radiant and natural complexion. As a final, essential step in your skincare ritual, apply as a shield over your preferred VIYA’S serum and moisturizer.

Active Ingredients

Sunflower Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Italian Helichrysum Extract, Dog Tooth Rose Oil, Vitamin H.


After finishing care, apply the sunscreen and  lightly massage the lotion in until total absorption is achieved.